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  • 30+ years of cumulative experience in the housing & construction industry.

  • Seasoned & dedicated professional.

Arizona Licensed & Insured 

Home Inspection Options

Residential Inspection

A general home inspection is often performed in connection with the sale of a home. It is a non-invasive visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property. A home inspection allows the buyer to better understand the current condition of the home prior to a purchase.

1st Year Warranty Inspection

If you have lived in your newly built home for approximately 9 months, your one-year builder warranty is about to expire. A one-year warranty inspection will help you establish with your home builder what areas of attention or defects need to be addressed by the home-building company under their builder warranty. 

Seller's Prep & Deficiency Observations

Are you selling your home but need a professional opinion before moving forward with any maintenance or repairs? Are you having a hard time prioritizing which areas of attention to focus your time and money on? With our sellers prep and deficiency observations, you have the information needed to choose which projects take priority. This is a great solution for any homeowner looking to put their house on the market.


Occasionally a home inspection takes place under less than ideal circumstances. Perhaps the occupant's belongings prevented a thorough evaluation or detection of known deficiencies. Possibly the water or utilities were disconnected prior to the inspection date. It is circumstances like these that warrant a re-inspection, but you shouldn't have to pay full price. Our re-inspection option is a discounted rate allowing customers the opportunity to re-evaluate those items that could not be inspected the first time. 

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